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Top Manufacturer of Custom Molded Seals

Mohs Seal are specialized in designing and manufacturing rubber products more than 10 years. We are able to supply standard and customized parts made of various rubber materials, our team consists of experienced professionals who are able to provide our customers with excellent products and quality services.


  • Dedicated to meeting special material requirements for a wide range of customer needs
  • Manufacturing materials to meet customers’ chemical and physical properties
  • Provide customized matching of advanced equipments

Material Standards

  • ASTM
  • FDA
  • LFGB
  • ROHS
  • UL94
  • MSDS


  • Specializing in the production of precision rubber molds that meet high quality standards
  • Wide range of die-pressing template sizes for the most rubber products


  • Rubber & Fabric
  • Rubber & Metal
  • Rubber & Plastic
  • Rubber & PTFE
  • Multi-hardness Multi-colors (Rubber&Rubber)

Why Choose Our Rubber Seals?

High-Quality Materials and Manufacturing Technology

Our rubber seals are made of high-quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber (such as nitrile rubber, fluororubber, silicone rubber, etc.), which ensures the characteristics of products such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. We strictly control the procurement and production process of raw materials, from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory, and each step has strict quality inspection procedures to ensure stable performance and long service life.

Customized Solution

According to different working conditions and customer requirements, we provide professional customization services, which can customize the size, material and performance according to the specific needs of customers, ensure that the seals can perfectly adapt to various equipment and pipeline interfaces, effectively prevent leakage and improve system efficiency.

Excellent Customer Service

Provide professional product consultation, quick response service system and perfect after-sales service guarantee to ensure that customers can get timely and effective support in the process of purchase, installation and use, so as to ensure that customers’ interests are guaranteed to the greatest extent.


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